Minor Seminary

Salem diocese has a Minor Seminary at Arisipalayam, known as St. Francis Xavier’s Minor seminary. We have an Apostolic School attached to it.

There are 23 students studying in lower classes and 54 in Higher Secondary sections. 8 students are in the initiation programme propaedeutic year students 6 and 10 are studying in various catholic colleges in Tamilnadu.

Every year the students are admitted after the vocation camp. Here the students are given formation in all the facets, such as spiritual, intellectual, physical, character formation, etc.

Rev. Fr. D. Michael Raj Selvam is the Rector for all the Salem Diocesan Seminarians.

We have the following seminarians in the Major seminary:
Philosophers 22
Theologians 9
Those who are interested to join the diocese of Salem to become a priest please contact
Rev. Fr.D.Michael Raj Selvam
St. Xavier’s Seminary
Salem – 636 009
Tel: 0427 2353348