Bishop’s Message – June 2022

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1. June is the Month of the Sacred Heart: Catechism of the Catholic Church (#478) states that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is quite rightly considered the chief sign and symbol of His love with which the divine Redeemer continually loves the Eternal Father and all human beings without exception. We, Christians pay homage to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the month of June and it is a customary practice around the World that Priests are invited to houses for the enthronment of the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Hence, I request you to encouarge the faithful to pay homage to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by themselves in their houses.

2. Monthly Recollection for June 2022 will be held at Bishop’s Houes, Salem on 15.06.2022 at 9.30 am with the following schedule

9.30 am – Adoration
10.30 am – Conference I
11.30 am – Coffee Break
11.45 am – Conference II
12.45 pm – Bishop Speaks
01.00 pm – Lunch & departure

3. All the Diocesan Clergy are obliged to attend the Clergy Annual Retreat. This year the Annual Retreat is held from 02.10.2022 to 07.10.2022 at Holy Cross Retreat Centre, Yercaud. . The priests are in the schools are encouraged to take a casual leave for a few days to fulfill their obligation. Those who are unable to attend the anuual Retreat must get the written permission from the Bishop.

4. Missa Pro Populo: May I remind all the Parish Priests in our diocese about the obligation to offer one Mass on all Sundays and Days of Obligation for the Intentions of the Faithful (Missa pro Populo). Please enter this in your Mass Diary.

5. Laity Sunday: Laity Sunday celebrates the ministry of all Christians. We embrace our shared vocation (lay persons and clergy) to proclaim, grow in, and embody the good news of saving love in Jesus Christ. This year the Laity Sunday is commemorated on 26.06.2022. Apart from praying for the Lay Faithful, let us felicitate, affirm and encourage the laity for their involvement and contribution in the mission of the Church. All Parish Priests are requested to observe this day in a fitting manner adhering to Covid19 norms.

6. Catechism and moral instructions are very important duties of every catholic educatrional institution: The time and date allotted to catichesm of cathiloc children should be condicevie for their faith formation and hence it should receive the top in every catholic school in arranging the time table. Make the catholic teachers understand that this is not the additional burden to trhem, but their privilege to share their faith with the younger ones.

7. Hearty Welcome to the Team of Sisters from Nava JeevanVikas, a Secular Institute, Chennai to Our Henry’s Home Home for Aged, Alagapuram. The Diocese of Salem wishes them fruitful Ministry to the elderly persons of the Society.

8. Our Sincere Thanks to the Team of Sisters from the Congregation of the Grace and Compassion for their tireless and precious service to the Henry’s Home for the aged for past seven years. We appreciate and thank all the Sisters who toiled all through these years to maintain and bring up the Home to what it is today. We wish them every success in their ministry.

+ Most Rev. Dr. Arulselvam Rayappan
Bishop of Salem