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1. The Feast of the Assumption of B.V.M. on August 15 is a Solemnity and a Day of Obligation and it is also our National Independence Day. On this auspicious day I wish all our priests, religious and lay faithful in the diocese a Happy Feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother. May her powerful intercession bring joy, peace and liberation to all. On this day all the Parish Priests are reminded to offer Missa Pro Populoas it is done every Sunday and enter it in your Mass diary.

2. On 4 August Church celebrates the Feast of St. John Maria Vianney, the Parton saint of the Parish Priests. I wish all our diocesan priests “A VERY HAPPY FEAST” on this day. It is also the anniversary of my episcopal consecration. May our Patron saint intercede for us to have zeal and enthusiasm in our ministries. In order to celebrate this day in a more meaningful way, we have our monthly recollection with the following schedule:

09.30 a.m. : Morning Prayer
10.00 a.m. : Spiritual Conference I
11.00 a.m. : Tea Break
11.30 a.m. : Spiritual Conference II
12.30 p.m. : Felicitation
01.00 p.m. : Lunch
02.30 p.m. : Adoration and Confession
03.30 p.m. : Bishop Speaks
04.00 p.m. : Tea and Break
05.00 p.m. : Proceeding to Cathedral
05.30 p.m. : Vesting and getting ready for Mass
05.45 p.m. : Procession followed by Mass with the Bishop
07.30 p.m. : Public Felicitation
08.00 p.m. : Fellowship Meal at Annai Illam

Kindly come with your cassocks for the liturgical celebration.

3. YOUTH SUNDAY is to be celebrated on 07.08.2022. I request all the parish priests to arrange various programmes for the youth to recognize and realize their role and participation in the spiritual, social and material growth of the Church as well as in the society. Kindly register all the catholic youth in the Diocesan Youth Movement for their constant follow up and support. A special collection is to be taken on this Sunday for the Youth Ministries at Tamilnadu. Kindly send the proceeds to Fr. Stephan Soruphan, the Diocesan Youth Director for onward transmission to TNBC Youth Commission, Trichy.

4. PRISON MINISTRY SUNDAY is to be celebrated on 14.08.2022 with the theme of “Integral Human Development and Pastoral care for Prisoners”. Kindly make known the people the significance and importance of this special ministry to those who are behind the bars and encourage the people to contribute their mite to show our sympathy and solidarity with them. The special collection is to be taken on this day. The proceeds are to be sent to Rev.Fr.L. David (The Director of Salem Social Service Society- Azhgapuram)

5. A gentle reminder to observe August 10 as Black Day to fight for the 70 years of denial of Religious Freedom to Dalits in India. Appropriate programme are to be arranged in every parish to bring the awareness to our people of the injustice done to the brethern of scheduled caste origin based on their religious belonging. 6. Kindly remit the collection taken on World Communication Day to Fr. Stephan Soruphan, Director, Salem Diocesan Communication Commission for onward transmission

+ Most Rev. Dr. Arulselvam Rayappan
Bishop of Salem

JULY 2022

1.THE FEAST OF ST. MARY MAGDALANE will be celebrated at Mathiampatti on 22.07.2022 with usual programmes. Priests are requested to be available for confessions and blessing of the pilgrims on the Feast Day and the day before.

2. SPECIAL COLLECTION FOR THE PETER’S PENCE is to be taken on the Second Sunday (10.07.2022) in all the parishes of Salem Diocese. Kindly make known to the people about this collection and encourage them to contribute their mite to this noble cause. Parish Priests are requested to remit this special collection to the Diocesan Procurator as early as possible so as to help him for the onward transmission of the amount to Rome.

3. THE 56 WORLD COMMUNICATION DAY is celebrated in our Diocese on 24.07.2022 Fourth Sunday of this month. Special collection is to be taken in all the parishes in our diocese for the Communication Activities in Tamil Nadu Church. The Parish Priests are invited to announce to the people the purpose of this collection and motivate them to contribute generously. Please do make this celebration more meaningful and impart in the minds of the faithful the right use of the Mass Communication for the spread of the Word of God. The collection is to be sent to the Director of Salem Diocesan Commission for Social Communication.

4. THE CLERGY MONTHLY RECOLLECTION IN THE MONTH OF JULY, 2022 will be held at the Vicariate Level. The Vicars Forane are requested to arrange for the meetings at their convenience for the conduct of the meeting. Rs.1,00,000/- is allotted to each vicariate per year in the diocesan budget for Common Pastoral programmes at the vicariate level. Hence, kindly plan how to effectively utilize this allotted fund for common activities at the vicariate level for the benefit of the whole vicariate.

5. PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL AND PARISH FINANCE COUNCIL: As I informed you earlier, I entreat all the Parish Priests to pay special attention to form Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Finance Council in all the parishes. They are mandatory; kindly do constitute them at the earliest in all the parishes. The Finance Council is to be constituted in all the parishes and institutions run by the Salem Diocese. All your accounts which are sent to the procure should be duly endorsed with the signature of the Finance Council Secretary. It is urgent, act immediately

6. The Next Clergy Monthly Recollection will be held on 04.08.2022 (Thursday) at Bishop’s House, Salem. The details of the programme will be communicated later.

+ Most Rev. Dr. Arulselvam Rayappan
Bishop of Salem