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Posted On : 01-03-2020

World Day of Consecrated Life was celebrated on 02/02/2020. There were about 289 religious participants from the Diocese. Dr. Rev.Fr. Jerry Rosario. S.J. from Chennai was the Resource person. He enlightened the gathering on the topic. “The purposeful living of religious life in today’s world’. He emphasized on the point that the consecrated person should be totally belonging to God and God alone. Our life has to be read by others and useful to others. We pronounce our vows but fail to live our vows. We have to empty ourselves and give to the poor. Jesus was offered in the temple. We too are offered to God. And God alone is our wealth. Being consecrated, we are called to be His imitators.

At.12.00 pm the Holy Mass began with the entrance procession, all holding lighted lamps. It was very much meaningful when all went to the altar and offered prayers. After the communion, the whole group renewed their vows to the Lord in the presence of Rt. Rev. Dr. Singaroyan, Bishop of Salem.

The Bishop in his homily stressed on the message of Pope Francis to Religious on the 24th World Day of Consecrated life. Religious life is falling in love with Jesus. It is not important to have our congregations identity, but the real identity is I am a lover of Jesus. “My eyes have seen your salvation” (Lk.2/30) We are called to see the Lord in everything. Those who see things as Jesus does, learn how to live in order to serve. It means welcoming the Lord’s gift with open arms, as Simeon did. The eyes of consecrated men and women behold, the grace of God poured into their hearts. When we keep our gaze fixed on him, we open ourselves to his forgiveness that renews us, and we are reassured by his faithfulness. And Bishop asked us a question “To whom do I turn my gaze; to the Lord, or to myself?” To have the right kind of view on life, we ask to be able to perceive God’s grace for us, like Simeon and Anna did not depart from the temple, worshiping with fasting and prayer night and day. Here is the secret never to alienate oneself from the Lord, who is the source of hope. We become blind if we do not look to the lord every day, if we do not adore him.

At the end of the meeting Rev. Bro. Amalraj. SG. proposed vote of thanks. He thanked our bishop for his constant guidance and support towards Salem C.R.I. We express our deep gratitude to him for providing us a delicious meal which we all enjoyed. Our sincere thanks to the donor for his beautiful gift to all. After the lunch Fr. Jerry had arranged for the blood donation camp. About 22 members came forward and donated their blood for the noble cause. We appreciate and thank the participants from all zones who made the day meaningful.

Sr. Joyce. CRI. Secretary.-Salem

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