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Posted On : 01-10-2018

On 06.09.2018 a meeting of Laity Commission and Christian Rights Movement was arranged at Mary Palace headed by Fr. Secretary on the instruction of Fr. James Victor, Regional Secretary, Christian Right Movement, Trichy. 10 members of these commissions took part and they were instructed well on how to foster the mission on these commissions in our Diocese more effectively according to the matters discussed in TNBC meeting at Poondy.
On 02.09.2018 Fr. Secretary offered mass and insisted the need and duties of a parish council at Steel Plant parish. On 13.09.2018 Fr. Secretary, Bro. Julius and field workers visited steel Plant Parish and conducted election for the leaders of Anbiyam through whom parish council members are to be elected. On 16.09.2018 a new parish council was erected at Steel Plant parish and all the members were given proper training by the laity commission of Salem Diocese. Fr.George Edwin, Parish priest had arranged all the events so nicely and neatly.    

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