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Posted On : 01-02-2019

“CONNECTION” Bible game was conducted by the Bible commission in Sankagiri parish on 25.12.2018 after celebrating Holy Mass with the people at 9.00 a.m. Around 100 people were present for this game and they were divided into 4 teams.

They appreciated the new way of making people to read the Bible. Thanks a lot to the Fr. Sagayaraj for the arrangements.

Bible game called “CONNECTION” was conducted in Paramathi parish on 01.01.2019 after celebrating Holy Mass with the people at 12.00 a.m. Around 150 people was present and participated in this game. Fr. Peter John Paul had arranged the event and prepared the people very well.

Fr. Secretary was invited to conduct the Bible game “CONNECTION” at Nagalur parish on 09.12.2018. After celebrating Holy Mass with the people Fr. Secretary conducted the game.

100 people were present and benefitted out of it. Fr. Peter raj had taken much risk to arrange the game and food for the people after the game.

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