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Diocesan Education Help for Poor Children - Salem Diocese
Posted On : 04-06-2018

1.      According to the decision made on 26.04.2018 in the Salem Diocesan Education Council, Diocesan Education Help will be given to the deserving students in Classes XI and XII only. The Application Forms to distribute this Education Help for Poor children will be issued from the Office of the Manager of Schools, Mary Palace, Thammanan Road, Arisipalayam, Salem-9, from 01.06.2018. The filled-in application forms from qualified candidates are to be submitted to the office of the Manager of Schools, Mary Palace, Thammanan Road, Arisipalayam, Salem, before 20.06.2018. The Education help will be disbursed in the first week of July 2018.  Applications that reach the Manager’s office later than 20.06.2018 will not be considered. Kindly observe the following:

a.      Only students studying in classes XI & XII can apply.

b.      Only students from deserving poor families are to apply for Education Help.

The parish Priest will certify this by his endorsement of the application.

c.       Only one student should apply from one family.

d.      Only application forms with the endorsement of the Parish Priest, signed and sealed, attesting the eligibility of the candidate for Diocesan Education Help, will be considered.

Students from those parishes, which have their own Education Funds,should not apply to the diocese for this Education Help.

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