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Posted On : 01-08-2018

The National Commission for Charismatic Renewal has initiated a JERICO PRAYER MOVEMENT throughout the Nation TO RAISE INTENSE PRAYER FOR OUR COUNTRY, India. This is important in the eve of the General Election for the India Parliament in May 2019. We shall have the inauguration of this Payer Movement in our Diocese on Sunday, 29th July 2018, with Adoration, Holy Mass and an Eucharistic March from the Epiphany Center to the Infant Jesus Cathedral. All are invited. Encourage our people in large numbers to pray for our nation. The Secretary for the diocesan Commission for Charismatic Renewal will send the details of this programme to all parishes.

The Prayer for India is given at the back folder of this newsletter. All Parish Priests and Members of Catholic Charismatic Renewal are invited to make use of this prayer individually and in groups till the General Elections in May 2019. Prayer cards can be obtained from the Epiphany Center.

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