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Posted On : 01-01-2018
THE WORLD DAY OF PEACE is celebrated on 1st January every year. It can be celebrated also on any convenient day near to it. May I request all parishes and Institutions to celebrate this day and to encourage our people to pray and to take efforts at all levels for Peace in the world. This is a good occasion for organizing Inter-religious meetings and common prayers for the world peace. This is a good occasion for fpwpj;jth; tho;Thpik ,af;fk; to come to the streets appealing for peace in the world through peace rally, human chain etc. Pope's Message for the 51st World Day of Peace to be celebrated on 01.01.2018, on the theme of Migrants and refugees: men and women in search of peace is given at the end of this newsletter. Please read the text and bring the message of the Holy Father to the knowledge and benefit of our people. ‹‹ Back