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Posted On : 01-01-2018

 GETTING TO KNOW THE NEW TAMIL MISSAL: The Clergy Monthly Recollection for January 2018 will be held on 08.01.2018 at the Bishop’s House, Salem. On this day we shall have a full-day programme, a Seminar on the New Tamil Missal. Participation in this Seminar is obligatory for all priests in Salem Diocese, both Diocesan and Religious, to be able to offer Holy Mass validly using the New Tamil Missal from February 2018. The New Tamil Missal will be introduced to us by experts. The schedule of the day will be as follows:

          09.30 a.m.         Adoration and Confession

          10.30 a.m.         Session I – Presentation of the New Tamil Missal

          11.30 a.m.         Coffee

          11.45 a.m.         Session II - The Catechesis for the New Tamil Missal

          12.45 p.m.         Midday Prayer

          01.00 p.m.         Lunch

          02.30 p.m.         Session III - The Important elements to be noted in Sacred Liturgy

          04.00 p.m.         Tea & closing

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