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Posted On : 01-11-2017

NAMAKKAL – Bible Sunday Celebration: Bible Sunday was celebrated in Namakkal parish on 24.09.2017.  Before that the whole week was observed as the preparation for this day.  As we announced all the people came with Holy Bibles to the church on that day.  Morning at 8.30 all the people gathered near the front gate of the campus with Bibles in hands and started a procession along with the Priests, to the church.  The Parish Priest led the procession holding the Holy Bible.  People followed him into the church. We placed and honored the Bible on the decorated table, in front of the Altar, paid homage with Aarathy and incense.  All venerated the Bible and then the Holy Mass started.

 At the end we announced and encouraged the people to take part in the Bible contest, Essay competition and prayer writing, basing on the Bible.  Many got the test papers and 165 people returned the papers after two weeks.  Among them 65 people passed with 90 marks and above. We selected the first three people and distributed prizes to them on 22nd October, during the Mission Sunday celebration. 

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