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Posted On : 01-08-2019

Fr. Maria Joseph Raj Manager of R.C Schools visited the following Schools this month:

  1. R.C. Primary School, Saveriyarpalayam.

  2. R.C. Primary School, Boomanur.

  3. St. Mary’s R.C Primary School, Idappadi.

He appreciated the valuable services of the Head Master and the teachers who were working in the school. He insisted that the students should study and write without any mistake and also maintain the good name of the school. He requested them to increase the number of the student to avoid deputations and deployments. And also he visited the following schools along with Rev.Fr. Gregori Rajan VF:

  1. St. Mary’s R.C Primary School, Gengavalli.

  2. St. Joseph’s R.C Primary School, Sentharapatti.

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