Epiphany Center

Multistage Sound and Light Programmes
Special to Epiphany Center are multi-stage Sound and Light programmes .Our Moovendarkalaikuzlu has staged Sound and Light programmes in many places in South India. In Epiphany Center, we have following prerecorded programmes for sound and light programmes.
Ulagin Peroli -Life of Jesus
Patham thazhuvia Bakthai-life of Mary of Magdalene
Punitha Anthoniyar-Life of St.Antony
Sirumalar - Life of St. Teresa of Child Jesus
These programmes are enacted in any place on request
10-12 stages
with special effects
And stereo sound system
The effect of these programmes is tremendous. People are spell bound. They get gospel message in an effective way. This makes people change their lives. These are Evangelization Programmes carrying Word of God, Gospel values and Social Values. At your request, we are ready to help you.
School of Fine Arts
At Epiphany Center, in order to develop the talents of children and young people we have A School of Fine Arts that give training in

The school runs only on week ends and fulltime in summer. For the convenience of Students, we have one - hour tuition on Saturdays and Sundays regularly.

Children and Youth are very much enthusiastic about it. Teachers are efficient.
We serve people of Salem town. If you are in Salem why not you or your children learn Fine Arts.
A Stall with Religious Books and Articles

Lots of Books on religious as well as human values and many Holy articles such as Statues, Rosaries and Medals are available in our religious store.
Bible, pocket bible in Tamil and English is available on request.
We can procure whatever Christian religious material you want.
If you make a visit, you will understand and appreciate the worth of our bookstall.

We have paintings, greetings, and pictures with religion images and with Sacred Words of Scripture. 
Visit our Bookstall and help us to serve you better.

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