Epiphany Center

Multi-Track Audio Recording Studio
In Salem city, the Epiphany Center owns and operates the only Multi-Track Audio Recording Studio.
We have all the facilities to Record Audio cassettes
  Soundproof - air-conditioned recording room
  A-dat-aleries - stack recorder.
  Double Track- aleris spool recorder.
  Numerous tracks in audio-Editing Software.
  Hard disc recording - direct into computer.
We have recorded the following cassettes
Thuthippom - Thuthippom
Neeya Iraiva
We will be glad to offer our services to record your creative audio programmes in our studio. Welcome!
Video Production Unit
Now Epiphany Center has a Video Production Unit with
3 cc Sony Video camera.
Vagus video editing software.
LG-CD Writer.
EIKI -1700 Lumens LCD Projector.
We produce videos promoting human, social, civic and gospel values.

Creative and talented youth to act in video - production are available.

We offer opportunities and our equipment to bring your imaginations and your dreams and written concepts into visuals. Take this chance to utilize our unit and give us a chance to help you. Most welcome to visit our unit.

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