Epiphany Center

Divine Mercy Prayer Cell
Power of Divine Mercy
All over the world devotion to divine mercy is spreading. The power of divine mercy is experienced by people of faith. God's Mercy is for every one. Now God is Merciful to you. He loves you with an everlasting love, powerful love that would liberate you from all your illness, physical, mental and spiritual. All who experienced this love are praying for the whole world for the church and for every one in need. This is called divine Mercy Prayer Cell. Through the prayer of the members, Divine Mercy is experienced in a powerful way. If you would like to experience Divine Mercy, act now. Tell us your need or join in our praying group.
Family Peace Counseling Center
Your family is very important. Do you experience peace in your family? In a family love, peace and joy are indispensable components. Towards building up a family in peace by improving love and enhancing joy, our Counseling Center extends its helping hand.

Our Counseling team consists of experienced families. We identify all that blocks the building up of a family and we help to remove the obstacles and to bind each family member in love and understanding. If you have any problem and need guidance and counseling, you are most welcome to approach us in person or through our e-mail.
Anbusolai Meditation Center
For an integrated growth of a human personality, a deeper experience of silence and intimacy in oneself is very essential. In order to avoid division within oneself and to energize oneself to empower others, one needs meditation in silence. In silence one should meditate the way supreme love leads one’s life.

To experience and meditate the flowering of the love in oneself, we have a meditation center called 'Anbusolai’ Meditation Center where all those who are thirsting for integrity and authenticity are led into Meditation of love in silence. Come and experience integration in yourself.

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