Epiphany Center

DIRECTOR - Fr. Gopi Emmanuel
Message : 3 Cs for peaceful life
1. Calmness
Your body and its emotions need to be calm in order to observe, learn and enjoy the present. If your body is emotionally affected, don’t worry. There is a way to bring it to equilibrium. Just close your eyes and observe closely all parts of your body, rather feel the inner parts of your body immediately you will feel quietness in your body.

2. Clarity
Your mind has the capacity to confuse you. Many times you are not fully conscious of your thinking and activities which will lead to unreasonable and illogical performances. You can stay clear in your mind. You have the way. Find a correct goal for each and every action of your and one at a time.

3. Courage

Your spirit, deeper in your heart, may be in dark and fearful. And this can destroy your personality. This is an obstacle for your growth. You need to get this fear out of you in order to have a fulfilled life. Realizing the intimate presence of the Supreme Spirit in your spirit will liberate you. Courage will settle in your spirit and will make you a witness of the truth.

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