Epiphany Center

Epiphany center is heart of Salem diocese where all pastoral animation and formation takes place. It has been structured as a big auditorium, where more than 1500 people can attend a programme. It was built in 1984.
The Center's aim is to manifest the glory of divine mercy in every activity. It is a spiritual and cultural center, where people get the opportunity to develop their talents and where people are given facility to find peace in their life.

This center is maintained by a Priest - Director. Sisters of the Presentation Congregation help the director in all activities. There are persons helping technically: a recadist, electrician, driver, gardener and two watchmen.

The following facilities are available at Epiphany Center for evangelization as well as the cultural development.
Divine Mercy Prayer Cell/Service Team.
Family Counseling Center
Anbusolai Meditation Center
Multi-track audio recording studio
Video production center
Audio-video cassette library
16 mm film projector/High quality LCD Projector
Public address system & special light effects
Multistage Sound & Light Programme
Moovendar Kalai kuzhu
School of dance, music, drawing
A store with books and religious articles

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