FROM BISHOP’S DESK – November 2017

  • 1.The month of NOVEMBER reminds us to pray for the departed souls. Let us encourage our people to pray for the dead, offer Holy Mass for their repose and perform charitable acts in their memory. Those who visit the cemetery during this month and pray for the dead obtain Plenary Indulgences.
  • 2. The Special Collection, taken on MISSION SUNDAY in October 2017 in all the Parishes and Institutions, is to be immediately remitted to the Diocesan Procurator for onward transmission to Rome.
  • 3. All the diocesan priests are obliged to offer ONE mass for the intentions of the Donors of the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Rome. Let us fulfill this obligation and record it in the Mass Diary.
  • 4. All the priests of Salem diocese who are in active ministry shall contribute to the ELDERLY CLERGY MAINTENANCE FUND (ECMF) of Salem Diocese by offering 20 Masses, which our diocesan Procurator will distribute to each one. These Masses can be celebrated also as bination and are to be marked in the Mass Diary. Please respond to the communication of the diocesan Procurator immediately.
  • 5. Those priests who have pastoral need to binate often are requested to offer those bination Masses, for which no stipend is offered by the people, for the intentions of diocesan Procurator and inform him in writing from time to time the number of Masses thus celebrated. The stipend amount of these Masses will be used for the priestly formation of the seminarians of our diocese. Please cooperate.
  • 6. The Observance of GST (Goods and Service Tax) is made obligatory with instructions coming from the Finance Ministry of India from time to time. Kindly update yourself on these instructions and observe them carefully. To calculate the GST payments promptly and avoid paying penalties, kindly send the previous month’s accounts of all the parishes, Schools and other diocesan Institutions to the Diocesan Procurator, so as to reach him before 5th of every month along with usually required documents. The list of Goods and Services under different percentage slabs of GST is given below. If any item of your expenditure falls under the taxable category, be prompt to approach the Diocesan Finance Office for the process of paying GST.
  • 7. Parish Mass Register. All parish Priests and others in–charge of parishes or Institutions are reminded of the new obligation to register in a notebook all the masses received from people in that place, indicating the details of the date of receipt, the donor, the intention, the date of the celebration of that mass and to whom it is given, if it is not celebrated in the place of the receipt. Where the priests of the place are not able to celebrate individually all the Masses, they should not give them to any other priests directly. All extra Masses are to be given to the diocesan Procurator, together with the stipend to ensure the individual celebration of the Masses by our priests. The Bishop will have to go through and sign this register in every parish. Even where only a few Masses are received and they are celebrated immediately, enter in this register and update it daily.
  • 8. Sending the Extracts of Marriages to the District Registrars of Marriages and to get our registers signed by the District Registrar is a serious obligation for all Parish Priests after solemnizing every Christian marriage. Any negligence in this duty is seriously punishable under the law of the Republic. This is required very much nowadays when many people go to the Government for Marriage certificates for getting passports and for going abroad. For any negligence of entry the parish priest who failed to do his duty will be held culpable and action will be taken against him by the government. Parish Priests, please see that no marriage is left without being notified to the District Registrar for whatever reason and avoid your personal trouble later. In the Marriage register and in the Forms to be submitted to the District Registrars all the entries are to be written in English CAPITAL Letters. The following are the new requirements; please attend:
    • -Name and full address of the parties with their photos
    • -Name and full address of the parents.
    • -Names and full address of the witnesses.
    • -Letter of authorization from the Parish Priest requesting the Registrar to accept the marriage details, when they are sent through catechist or someone else.
  • 9. The Parish of Paramathi has a New Parish Priest. Rev. FR. X. Peter John Paul has been appointed as the Parish Priest of Paramathi. We wish him all the best and fruitful ministry in the new parish.
  • 10. The Clergy Monthly Recollection will be conducted at the Bishop’s House, Salem, on 06.11.2017 Monday. On that day we shall offer Holy Mass for all our deceased confreres at 12.00 noon and then we shall bless their cemeteries. Kindly come prepared to concelebrate in the Holy Mass.
    • 09.30 a.m.                   Adoration & Confession
      10.30 a.m.                   Session I
      11.30 a.m.                   Coffee
      11.45 a.m.                   Bishop speaks
      12.00 noon                  Holy Mass for our Deceased Confreres
      12.50 p.m.                   Blessing of the cemetery at Bishop’s House
      01.00 p.m.                   Lunch.

  • 11. The Meeting of the Diocesan Pastoral Council will be held on 02.12.2017 Saturday at 10.00 a.m. at Epiphany Center. Please see that the members from your parish attend the meeting.
  • 12. I have given at the end of this newsletter two short texts from the preaching of Pope Francis, much required for our times. Please read them and reflect and pray with them.
  • Bishop S. Singaroyan.