1. The Clergy Monthly Recollection in August will be on 06.08.2018 at the Bishop’s House, Salem with usual schedule.

  2. The Feast of the Assumption of B.V.M. on August 15th is a Solemnity and a Day of Obligation and it is also our National Independence Day. On this day all the Parish Priests are reminded to offer Missa Pro Populoas it is done every Sunday and enter it in your Mass diary.

  3. On 4th August Church celebrates the Feast of St. John Maria Vianney, the Parton saint of the Priests. I wish all our priests “A VERY HAPPY FEAST” on this day.

  4. YOUTH SUNDAY is celebrated in Tamilnadu on 05.08.2018.  I request all the parishes to have various programmes for the youth on this day, so that the youth are encouraged to grow in their Christian Faith and social commitment. Please register all the Catholic youth in the Diocesan Youth Movement for their constant growth and support. A SPECIAL COLLECTION is to be taken on this Sunday for the Youth Ministries at Tamilnadu. Kindly announce this collection to the people and remit the proceeds to Rev. Fr. Stephan Soruphan, Epiphany Centre, for onward transmission to TNBC Youth Commission, Trichy.

  5. PRISON MINISTRY SUNDAY will be celebrated on 12.08.2018, with the central theme: “You are Not Alone”. Please explain to the people the significance of this special ministry to people behind the bars, making use of the materials sent to you. As followers of Christ the Lord of Mercy, Prison Ministry will be a very significant to manifest our mercy to the unfortunate people. The volunteers of Prison Ministry Salem diocese will be approaching the parishes in the course of this year to explain to the people this great ministry and to raise funds for the activities of the Prison Ministry, India. Parish Priests are requested to permit and encourage these volunteers in their effort for fund raising and identifying volunteers for their activities to be carried out throughout the year.

  6. Salem Diocesan Clergy Retreat will be held from 23rd to 28th September 2018 at Poondi Madha Shrine.  Kindly mark the dates in your personal schedule. All the diocesan priests are to keep yourselves free for the Clergy Retreat.

  7. Priests, who ask for Mass Intentions from the Diocesan Procurator, do not forget to attach the exoneration slip of the previous Mass slip duly signed and dated and marked in your mass diary. All Masses issued and exonerated slips received are to be recorded in the Procurator’s Mass Register.

  8. Any priest, who has changed his bank account, please give the details of your new account for the remittance of the monthly allowance from Diocesan Procurator’s office.

  9. Appeal to observe August 10th as Black Day to fight for the 67 years of denial of Religious Freedom to Dalits in India. The observation of the Black day, as the Mourning Day, will be in one place for all the Tamilnadu this year. It will be at Thiruchirapalli. Th venue is Uzhvar Sandhai, Managarachi maidanam, Thennur, Trichy. The meeting will be from 04 to 9. p.m.  Participants in big numbers are invited for this State level meeting on the same day. Kindly contact Fr. R. Jayaseelan, the Secretary of the diocesan SC/ST/BC Commission for more details about the timings and travel arrangements.

  10. Mai remind all Parish Priests to remit the collection taken on World Communication Sunday on 08.07.2018 for onward transmission to the Regional and National Offices.

  11. The cost of small hosts from Carmel Ashram, Yercaud, is revised after three years because of the bigger size of the packet. A packet containing 85 grams, more than 300 small hosts will now cost Rs. 60 form 01.08.2018. All who use this service, kindly cooperate.

Bishop S. Singaroyan.