1. Month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I request all the Parish Priests to enkindle the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our people and to revive the practice of the Enthronement of the Picture or Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Houses of Catholics and Institutions and to renew them every year, specially during the month of June. This could be another fitting occasion for House Visits in the parish.


2. The CLERGY MONTHLY RECOLLECTION IN JUNE 2019 will be on 10.06.2019 Monday, at the Bishop’s House, Salem, along with the Holy Mass with the Silver Jubilee Priests of our Diocese with the following schedule. Kindly come prepared for celebrating Holy Mass with the Jubilerians.


09.30 a.m. Adoration and Confession

10.30 a.m. Election of members of the Salem Diocesan Council of Priests 

11.00 a.m. Coffee

11.15 a.m. Wishing the Silver Jubilee Priests

12.00 noon Mass with the Silver Jubilee Priests

01.00 p.m. Lunch.


3. The Clergy Monthly Recollection in the month of July will be at the Vicariates. The Vicar Foranes are requested to call for the meeting and conduct it.


4. May I remind all the Parish Priests in our diocese about the obligation to offer one Mass on All Sundays and Days of Obligation for the Intentions of the Faithful (Missa pro Populo). Please enter this in your Mass Diary.


5. Annual Accounts of Salem Diocese Society are closed on 31.03.2019. All Parish Priests, Heads of Diocesan Institutions and all those who are doing any Project through the Diocese are requested to bring to the Diocesan Procurator the accounts with relevant bills and copies of Bank Pass books and copies of deposits, in the first week of April for auditing. Please act quickly on this as we will begin our annual audit process soon.


5. The LAITY SUNDAY is celebrated on 30.06.2019 this year, with the theme nghJepiyapdupd; jiyikj;Jtj;ij tsh;g;Nghk;.  Apart from praying for the Lay Faithful, appropriate short programmes are to be arranged in the parishes to felicitate, affirm and encourage the laity for their involvement in the Church and in the world. All Parish Priests are requested to celebrate this day in a fitting manner, making use of the material that will be sent to all the parishes from the Diocesan Laity Commission.


6. Catechism and Moral Instruction are very important duties of every Catholic Educational Institution. The time and days allotted to Catechism of Catholic children should be conducive for their faith formation and hence it should receive top priority in every Catholic School in arranging the time table. Make the Catholic teachers understand that this is not an additional burden to them, but their privilege to share their Catholic Faith with the younger ones.  


7. Hearty Congratulations to all the Catholic Schools in Salem Diocese for their Good Results in the X & XII standard examinations. Congrats to the teachers and the Heads of Institutions, who have put in hard work and sacrifice.


8.  Diocesan Education Help for Poor Children: According to the decision made on 15.05.2019 in the Salem Diocesan Education Council, Diocesan Education Help will be given to the deserving students in Classes XI and XII only. The Application Forms to distribute this Education Help for Poor children will be issued from the Office of the Manager of Schools, Mary Palace, Thamanan Road, Arisipalayam, Salem-9, from 01.06.2019. The filled-in application forms from qualified candidates are to be submitted to the office of the Manger of Schools, Mary Palace, Thamanan Road, Arisipalayam, Salem, before 20.06.2019. The Education help will be disbursed in the first week of July 2019.  Applications that reach the Manager’s office later than 20.06.2019 will not be considered. Kindly observe the following:

a. Only students studying in classes XI & XII can apply.

b. Only students from very poor families are to apply for Education Help. The parish Priest will certify this by his endorsement in the application.

c. Only one student should apply from one family.

d. Only application forms with the endorsement of the Parish Priest with his signature and seal, attesting the eligibility of the candidate will be considered.


9. For Reflection and Action about Temporal Goods of the Parish / Institution:

e. The temporal goods of the parish are administered by the parish priest or by the Head of the Institution, as the case may be, under the supervision of the diocesan Bishop.

f. All legal transactions with regard to the temporal goods of the parish / institution shall be done in concurrence with the diocesan Financial Administrator.

g. All the valuable documents concerning the temporal goods of the parish should be submitted in original to the office of the diocesan Financial Administrator for safe custody and the copies of the same should be preserved in the parish archives.

h. The book of Inventory is to be updated and maintained by the parish priest / Head of the institution regularly. The Secretary of the Parish Finance Committee can help the parish priest in updating the Inventory.

i. No priest is permitted to take any loan for parish / institution from any person or financial institution. No priest is permitted to lend money to any one from the funds of the parish / institution without prior written permission of the diocesan Bishop.

j. No priest is permitted to invest personal money by way of advance or loan for the works of the parish / institution without the prior written permission of the diocesan Bishop. The amount thus invested without permission will be treated as a gift by the priest to the parish / institution.  


10. Instructions to the priests on Transfer in Salem Diocese please take note of the following:

a. All Parish Priests and Priests in charge of diocesan Institutions, who are on transfer, please invite the Incoming Priest and your Vicar Forane to your place earlier to study and scrutinize the official Records, Accounts and Inventory of the Parish or Institution and clear all doubts well in advance. Do not wait for the last moment.

b. The Final Statement of Accounts before the transfer has to be signed by the members of the Parish or Institution Finance Committee, before it is signed by the Vicar Forane.

c. The handing over of the charges should take place in the presence of the Vicar Forane who will sign the Record of Accounts in the presence of both the out-going and the in-coming priests.

d. The fact of the handing over and taking charge of the parish / Institution should be recorded in the Chronicle Register of the Parish or Institution and signed by both priests concerned and the Vicar Forane.

e. The Vicar Forane is requested to verify the state of affairs of the Parish or Institution in every detail at the time of the handing over of the charges. The Vicar Forane, who signed the registers, will be personally responsible to settle any discrepancy that surfaces later.

f. When the Vicar Forane is on transfer and for the transfer of the Secretaries of Diocesan Commissions, the Vicar General will do all that is to be done by the Vicar Forane at the moment of transfer. Please fix the time with him early.

g. No large payment or expenditure is to be done after the announcement of the transfer. 

h. No one is to leave a debit balance or any other form of loan or liabilities for the Parish or Institution at the moment of transfer, as no one can spend if there is no credit.

i. As you move out of the parish / Institution kindly prepare a Statement about the parish / Institution indicating all the activities, pending works and balances of various accounts including deposits and liabilities if any. Please have it signed by the V.F. and by the incoming priest and send one copy of it to the Bishop for files. This provision is new. Please cooperate.

When the transfer of the President or Secretary of a Society / Trust (like SSSS, NSSS, SDS, LRRC) takes place, the handing over of the charges will be done during the meeting of the members of the Governing Body of that Society.


  Bishop S. Singaroyan