FROM BISHOP’S DESK – July - 2018

  1. Salem Diocesan Clergy Retreat will be held from 23rd to 28th September 2018. Please mark the dates in your calendar so that no diocesan priest accepts any other programme on these dates.

  2. The Feast of St. Mary Magdalene will be celebrated at Mathiampatti on 22.07.2018 as usual. Priests are requested to be available for Confessions and blessing of the pilgrims at the place of the pilgrimage on the Feast Day and the day before.

  3. SPECIAL COLLECTION for the PETER’S PENCE is taken on 01.07.2018 Sunday in all the parishes of Salem Diocese. Please remit the collection to the Diocesan Procurator early for onward transmission of the amount to Rome.

  4. WORLD COMMUNICAITON DAY is celebrated on 08.07.2018. The theme for this year is: “Fake News and Journalism for Peace”. This is very relevant when fake news is often disseminated through Social media. SPECIAL COLLECTION is to be taken in all the parishes for Communication activities in Tamilnadu Church. All the Pastors are invited to announce to the people the purpose of this collection and motivate people for contributing generously. All parishes will organize meaningful celebrations in the parishes, using the material that will be sent to you by the Diocesan Commission for Social Communication.

  5. Catechism and Moral Instruction are very important duties of every Catholic Educational Institution. The time and days allotted to Catechism of Catholic children should be conducive for their faith formation and hence it should receive top priority in every Catholic School in arranging the timetable.  Kindly follow the instruction of the Diocesan Commission for Catechesis in this regard.

  6. The Clergy Monthly Recollection in the month of July 2018 will be at the Vicariates. The Vicar Foranes are requested to call for the meeting and conduct it. Each Vicariate is allotted Rs. 100000 per year in the diocesan budget for common Pastoral programmes at the Vicariate level. Hence please plan how to effectively use the funds allotted for common activities at the vicariate level for the benefit of whole vicariate.

  7. Belgium (ICHEC) Housing Project may be undertaken in February 2019 in two or three places according to availability of the number of students from Belgium. Those who would like to take up this project in their parishes this year (5 houses in each project site) may kindly contact the Bishop for further details

  8. To the kind attention of those priests who receive Mass Intentions from the Bishop’s House.  All who received Mass intentions from the Diocesan Procurator have to return the Mass Exoneration slip duly signed and dated to the Diocesan Procurator after those Masses have been celebrated. This is required for our auditing and to ensure the fulfillment of canonical obligation of celebrating all the Masses received. Hence when a priest, Diocesan or Religious, asks for a set of Mass Intentions from the Diocesan Procurator, he has to submit the Exoneration slip of the earlier Masses, if any, received from the Procurator. Kindly observe this, as the matter involves duty of conscience and canonical sanctions.  

  9. Parish Priests of those parishes, where we receive extra Mass Intentions, than the priests in the parish can celebrate them all individually, are not to give these Mass Intentions to any priests within our diocese or outside. The Parish Priest and the Bishop have a grave moral and canonical obligation to ensure the actual and individual exoneration of every Mass Intention given by the faithful all through the diocese. As the Church regards Mass obligation as very grave, Priests, kindly oblige. Do not give Mass intentions to any priest as remuneration etc. Any Surplus Mass intention is to be handed over to the Diocesan Procurator along with the stipend, so that all masses could be celebrated individually by our priests in the course of the year.

  10. PARISH MASS REGISTER. From June 2018 it is obligatory for all parishes to maintain a Parish Mass Register, where all Mass Intentions given by the faithful in parishes and shrines are to be written in order in a register, clearly mentioning the name and address of the donor and the intentions for which the Mass is to be offered, together with the number of Masses and the stipend amount. When these Masses are celebrated in the same place the date of exoneration of each mass is to be mentioned in the same register. If the Masses have been given to the Procurator as Surplus Mass intentions, is has to be written in the same register. Bishop will have to check and sign this Parish Mass register during his visits to parishes. Kindly observe this new obligation diligently. The obligation of Mass intentions is binding in conscience.

  11. An Appeal to all those who are sending news items for Salem Diocesan Newsletter. In order to ensure that the Diocesan Newsletter reaches all concerned by the 1st of every month, the editing of the newsletter starts on 21st of every month. All those who want to send news items for the Diocesan Newsletter, please send it to the Bishop so as to reach before 20th of every month either by email to: or by post.

  12. Diocesan Education Help for Poor Children: According to the decision made on 26.04.2018 in the Salem Diocesan Education Council, Diocesan Education Help will be given to the deserving poor students in Classes XI and XII only. The Application Forms for this Education Help for Poor children will be issued from the Office of the Manager of Schools, Mary Palace, Thamanan Road, Arisipalayam, Salem-9, from 01.06.2018. The filled-in application forms from qualified candidates are to be submitted to the office of the Manger of Schools, Mary Palace, Thamanan Road, Arisipalayam, Salem, before 20.06.2017. The Education help will be disbursed in the second week of July 2018.  Applications that reach the Manager’s office later than 20.06.2017 will not be considered. Kindly observe the following:

    1. Only students studying in classes XI & XII can apply.

    2. Only students from deserving poor families are to apply for Education Help. The parish Priest will certify this by his endorsement of the application.

    3. Only one student should apply from one family.

    4. Only application forms with the endorsement of the Parish Priest, signed and sealed, attesting the eligibility of the candidate for Diocesan Education Help, will be considered.

    5. Students from parishes, which have their own Education Fund, should not apply for the Diocesan Education Fund. They should instead apply to their respective parishes.

  13. Poor students, who are doing various courses in Colleges, and want to get some small help for their education, may approach the Bishop with a letter of the parish priests, who attests their deservingness and with a document to show that the student is actually studying in a college. The amount will be paid directly to the bank account of the students or parents.

  14. Pope’s recent Apostolic Exhortation “Gaudete et Exsultate” (09.04.2018) is a call to holiness to the people of today. I have given certain glimpse of the text in this newsletter to  invite you all read the full text in the Vatican website;

Bishop S. Singaroyan.