1. The season of Lent this year goes on the whole of March. The Lenten Season is the appropriate time to catechize our faithful on conversion to the correct Catholic Spiritual and Moral Life. Lent is the proper season to carry out many activities for the improvement of Christian life.  

  2. The Special Clergy Monthly Recollection (Priests’ Sanctification Day) will be at the Bishop’s House, Salem, on 26.03.2018, Monday in the Holy Week. All the Diocesan priests and Religious priests working in Salem diocese are invited to attend the sessions of that day and concelebrate with the Bishop in the CHRISM MASS in the evening. All priests are invited for supper at Marthal Illam in the Epiphany Center after the Chrism Mass. Please collect the Holy Oils before you leave from the Epiphany Center soon after supper. The schedule will be as follows:
  3. 09.30 a.m.       Morning prayer
    10.00 a.m.       Session I
    11.00 a.m.       Coffee
    11.30 a.m.       Session II
    12.30 p.m.       Midday prayer and Lunch
    02.30 p.m.       Adoration & Confession
    03.30 p.m.       Solemn Vespers
    04.00 p.m.       Tea and departure to Infant Jesus Cathedral
    06.00 p.m.       CHRISM MASS at Infant Jesus Cathedral, Salem.

  4. Extracts of Registers of Baptisms and Marriages is to be sent to the Chancellor, Bishop’s House, immediately with entries up to December 2017. Please act quickly to help the diocesan Chancellor to update the Archives.

  5. Retreats for Catholic Teachers are being conducted at the Vicariate level on different dates. Kindly encourage and see that all Catholic teachers participate and benefit from the spiritual exercises.

  6. The International Women’s Day is observed on March 8th. This year it is celebrated with theme of I request that the Women’s Day be celebrated meaningfully in all the parishes and institutions in appropriate manner, making use of the materials that will be sent to you by the Diocesan Commission for Women.

  7. May I remind all to Remit the Holy Childhood Day Collection taken on 11.02.2018 to the Diocesan Procurator immediately and help him to forward the amount to Rome.

  8. Annual Accounts of Salem Diocese Society are to be closed on 31.03.2018. All Parish Priests, Heads of Diocesan Institutions and all those who are doing any Project through the Diocese, are requested to bring to the Diocesan Procurator the accounts with relevant bills and copies of Bank Pass books in the first week of April for auditing. Please act quickly on this.

  9. Special Collection for Hunger and Disease Campaign (Charity Sunday) will be taken on 04.03.2018, for Caritas India on the Third Sunday of Lent. The amount collected is to be remitted to Rev. Fr. M. Rajamanickam, Director, Salem Social Service Society, Convent Road, Alagapuram, Salem – 636 016, at the earliest, to be forwarded to Caritas India.

  10. Special Collection for the Maintenance of the Holy See, known as Obolo Sancti Petri, is taken in Tamilnadu on 11.03.2018, the IV Sunday of Lent. All pastors are invited to inform our people of their obligation to help the Pope in his service to the Universal Church. This collection is to be sent to the diocesan procurator, to be forwarded to Rome early.

  11. Special Collection for the HOLY LANDS is taken 30.03.2018 on GOOD FRIDAY. All pastors are invited to inform our people of their obligation to help the People in the war-trodden Holy Lands. This collection is to be sent to the Diocesan Procurator, to be forwarded to Rome early.

  12. Those who want to invite Charismatic groups or individual Preachers from outside Salem Diocese for conducting Lenten Retreats in the parishes, kindly get Bishop’s prior permission.            

  13. POPE’S MESSAGE FOR LENT 2018 on the theme of “Because of the increase of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold” (Mt 24:12), is given in this newsletterLet us read, meditate, share and act upon this invitation of the Holy Father.

  14. Pope’s Catechesis on the Holy Mass, on Liturgy of the Word and Gospel and Homily are given in this newsletter. Let us refresh our knowledge about these holy rites which we perform every day.

  15. I am happy to note that you are getting used to the New Tamil Missal by this time and you are taking enough efforts to make the faithful familiar with their responses in the Holy Mass. For the good of all please read the texts in all masses form the New Missal.

  16. Also I will be happy to note that the Superiors of the various religious communities and the Heads of the institutions and the Homes for the children, take an extra effort in using the New Tamil Missal for their community and institutions.

    If you are in need of “Peoples’ part leaflets”, they are readily available with the Diocesan Procurator. Rush before the stock gets over.

  17. Mrs. Philomina Augustine, aged 80, the elder sister of Msgr. S. John Joseph, our Vicar General, passed away to her heavenly reward on 07.02.2018. Her funeral took place at Budhapadi in the presence of several Priests, Religious and Laity on 08.02.2018. We assure our prayers for the repose of the deceased and for the wellbeing of her family members. R.I.P.

  18. I am very sorry to convey the very sad news that Fr. Arockia Rayar, Parish Priest of Settipatti, aged, 57 has suddenly passed away on 17.02.2018 early morning and was buried at clergy cemetery, Bishops House, Salem, on 19.02.2018. Our heartfelt condolences and fervent prayers to the bereaved family. May his soul Rest In Peace. R.I.P

  19. .Those parish priests, who have not yet found local donors to buy New Tamil Missals for the substation Chapels, please contact the Bishop for help. All substations, where mass is celebrated regularly should have a New Tamil Missal and a set of Lectionary.

Bishop S. Singaroyan.