1.The month of NOVEMBER reminds us to pray for the departed souls.

Let us encourage our people to pray for the dead, offer Holy Mass for their repose and perform charitable acts in their memory. Those who visit the cemetery during this month and pray for the dead obtain Plenary Indulgences.

2.The Clergy Monthly Recollection will be conducted at the Bishop's House, Salem, on 04.11.2019 Monday. On that day we shall offer Holy Mass for all our deceased confreres at 12.00 noon and then we shall bless their cemeteries. Kindly come prepared to concelebrate in the Holy Mass.

  • 09.30 a.m.   Adoration & Confession
  • 10.30 a.m.   Session I
  • 11.30 a.m.   Coffee
  • 11.45 a.m.   Bishop speaks
  • 12.00 noon   Holy Mass for our Deceased Confreres
  • 12.50 p.m.   Blessing of the cemetery at Bishop's House
  • 01.00 p.m.   Lunch.
  • 3.The Meeting of the Diocesan Pastoral Council was held on 26.10.2019at 10.00 a.m. at Epiphany Center. The House evaluated the activities of the Various Commission of the diocese. The problem of Registering of Christian Marriages was discussed.

    4.The Special Collection, taken on Mission Sunday in October 2019 in all the Parishes and Institutions, is to be immediately remitted to the Diocesan Procurator for onward transmission to Rome.

    5.All the diocesan priests are obliged to offer ONE mass for the intentions of the Donors of the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith, Rome.Let us fulfill this obligation and record it in the Mass Diary.

    6.All the priests of Salem diocese who are in active ministry shall contribute to the ELDERLY CLERGY MAINTENANCE FUND (ECMF) of Salem Diocese by offering 20 Masses,which our diocesan Procurator will distribute to each one. These Masses can be celebrated also as bination and are to be marked in the Mass Diary. Please respond to the communication of the diocesan Procurator immediately.

    7.Those priests who have pastoral need to binate oftenare requested to offer those bination Masses, for which no stipend is offered by the people, for the intentions of diocesan Procurator and inform him in writing from time to time the number of Masses thus celebrated. The stipend amount of these Masses will be used for the priestly formation of the seminarians of our diocese. Please cooperate.

    8.Dalit Liberation Sunday is celebrated all over India on 10.11.2019 in view of conscientizing the entire Christian Community about the struggles of the Dalit Christians and urge the Union Government to include the Christians of Scheduled castes origin in the Scheduled Castes list. I request all pastors to make this day's celebration meaningful making use of the material that will be sent to you from the Diocesan Commission for the SC/ST/BC.

    9.Parish Mass Register. All parish Priests and others in'charge of parishes or Institutions in Salem Diocese are reminded of the new obligation to register in a notebook all the masses received from people in that place, indicating the details of the date of receipt, the donor, the intention, the date of the celebration of that mass and to whom it is given, if it is not celebrated in the place of the receiptWhere the priests of the place are not able to celebrate individually all the Masses, they should not give them to any other priests directly. All extra Masses are to be given to the diocesan Procurator, together with the stipend, to ensure the individual celebration of the Masses by our priests.The Bishop will have to go through and sign this register in every parish. Even where only a few Masses are received and they are celebrated immediately, enter in this register and update it daily.

    10.Sending the Extracts of Marriages to the District Registrarsof Marriages and to get our registers signed by the District Registrar is a serious obligation for all Parish Priests.For this purpose, every parish Priest has to obtain a License from the Government as Registrar of Marriage in Tamilnadu. With the letter of authorization from the Bishop, please hurry up to apply for the license with relevant documents, namely, Copies of the Aadhar card, present address, Email ID and Cellphone Number.When the name of the priests in civil records, is not the same as used in the diocesan records, please get a fresh letter from the Bishop with name spelt as in your Civil Records.

    11.After writing of the banns, the relevant details of the Marriage is to be submitted ON-LINE,through the prescribed website, to the Registration Department. When the acknowledgement for the marriage is received on-line, then the acknowledgment forms are to be downloaded and required signatures of the Couples, Witnesses and the Priest Registrar, have to be obtained in three copies. Then the usual procedure to submit the same in the office of the District Registrar, and obtain a seal in our church Register, is to be followed.

    12.The possibility given in Salem Diocese for marginal correction in the Baptism, Marriage and Death Registers will be closed from 31.12.2019. After this date the Pastors have to follow the authentic civil certificates at the time of writing banns for marriage, when there is a discrepancy between the entry in the Baptism certificate and the civil records, relating to Name, Date of birth and other particulars. However it is the duty of the Pastor to ensure the canonical requirement of age for marriage is observed.

    13.The Holy Father has InstitutedTHE SUNDAY OF THE WORD OF GOD, with hisApostolic letter, issued "Motu proprio","Aperuit illis" given on 30.09.2019. The Sunday of the Word of God is fixed for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. Kindly read the letter at the end of this newsletter to the reason for this new effort and the methods to observe this new initiative.

    14.The Next Clergy Monthly Recollection in December 2019will beNOTon the usual First Monday, insteadit will be on 09.12.2019 Monday. On that Day we shall have the Golde2019n Jubilee Mass and Christmas celebration for the Clergy and Seminariansof Salem Diocese. Kindly mark the change of days in your Diary.


    Bishop S. Singaroyan